Can Hypnosis Help My Marriage? How?

'So, what is hypnotherapy and how can it possibly help my relationship?' is a question that often comes up.

Hypnotherapy uses the hypnotic state to bring about changes in the sub-conscious part of our mind. We all go into that state naturally at least twice a day. That 'twilight' zone when we are falling asleep and waking up. We are aware of our surroundings but focussed more on our internal thoughts. It can also happen during the day - have you ever been driving along a familiar route and got where you wanted to go seemingly on 'autopilot'?. Well that is being in the hypnotic or trance state. The hypnotherapist encourages this state to access those deeper parts of our brain that run the subprograms controlling our behaviour.

And how would it affect my marriage?

We all perpetuate behaviours based on what we have learned and think our personality is pretty fixed. But the reason why we might behave in a certain way may be outdated, something that worked when we were a child is no longer relevant. An example would be feeling intimidated when someone tells you to do something, the 'adult' you feels fear or discomfort. Without realising why, you may overreact or react out of all proportion to the instruction. You may not even realise this is happening in the way it does. You could come across as defensive, retaliatory or passive-aggressive. The 'child' you is actually underlying your 'adult' you responses. There is no need to fear your boss, work colleagues or family in this way but you can't seem to help it. This is especially significant in your relationship. 

By accessing the subconscious part of your brain that controls those behaviour / reactions, the patterns can be changed. Usually in 1 - 3 sessions. Deep insights point to the origins of these reactions and the emotional components can be released. You are then less likely to be impatient, snappy or defensive with your parter. This in turn leads to a better overall relationship. The kind that brings stability, love and longevity to your family.

1. You can get more insight and let go of unhelpful behaviour patterns.

2. You can experience deep relaxation in hypnosis that reduces your stress levels.

3. You can work with your 'inner child' and heal past hurts and disappointments.

4. You can visualise your future together, giving you a positive goal to work towards.

5. You can be taught self-hypnosis techniques to calm yourself during quarrels leading to less destructive interactions and damage to your 'partner connection base'.

Real help and rapid results.