Release Your Inner Child - Why You Should Do This!

Human babies are pretty helpless when they are born but have a lot to learn in a few short years. So their brains are like sponges, soaking up information vital to their survival. Nature has ensured that the more drama or emotion a situation causes, the deeper that memory is embedded and used to direct future behaviour. This is all well and good if we are learning how to stay safe, which creatures and situations to avoid, these are helpful and useful. However, some of these deep-seated behaviour 'programs' cause problems in later life. Long after we have consciously forgotten about them, these programs run at a subconscious level with little change over time. The subconscious is running on autopilot, doing what it has learnt to do. But some of these programs are a result of faulty learning or are no longer appropriate.

A poignant exemple of this is our reaction to being told what to do or when something we have done incorrectly is pointed out. Usually we over-react. If you feel shame, fear, stress, anger, aggression,  depression etc this is your adult self reacting as you did when you were little. This behaviour pattern was learnt when you were in a position of weakness. Physically as you were still small, and psychologically as you were too young to understand the situation and merely reacted. Your 'fight or flight' response has been triggered and this can hinder your ability to react in the best way. Seemingly simple but can be devastating on our close relationships, work situations, self-development and self esteem.

Attending an 'Inner Child" session can help you to gain more insight on why you behave in certain ways. The Child WorXX workshop releases the beautiful child within you using fun yet effective methods. Reconnecting you to those early learning experiences with an adults perspective may bring about the profound insights and incredible behaviour changes you need to feel complete and in control of your own development.

As one person put it "I cannot put into words how much better I am feeling after doing this. Knowing why I always felt so intimidated by confrontation is mind-blowing. I realise it stems from being shouted at as a small child for something I did unintentionally. It wasn't my fault as I was too young to know the consequences. I no longer feel overly guilty for everything that goes wrong, that feeling like I must somehow be responsible. This has changed how I feel about almost everything. The release and relief is incredible. I can't wait to live life like I always felt I should but couldn't. I would recommend this to everybody who wants to know themselves better."