Stress WorXX

Stress WorXX

Imagine being able to understand and control those unwanted feelings and thoughts that cause you stress, fear and anxiety. We are able to help you explore and make changes within you for a happier you. Hypnotherapy has been shown to effectively reduce stress. We offer one-to-one sessions as well as group talks and workshops.

We also help to tackle the WORK STRESS issue. Corporate companies are supposed to help employees with work stress but, with some of us having worked in those 'hot shot' environments, we know reality can be quite different. Talks and seminars merely give you ideas on how to reduce stress in your life. What if you are too stressed to even implement these ideas? What if there are unpleasant repercussions to admitting you have stress and anxiety at work? What if you don't get the support you need? What if you have suppressed the underlying reasons for the stress so deep that the symptoms are seemingly unrelated? Think of: habits, tics, swearing, substance use, medication, anger, physical and health, family issues etc

Our one-on-one sessions are held in strictest confidence* so you can explore why you are feeling and reacting in certain ways without needing to tell anyone at work. Hypnotherapy is very helpful in reducing the grip of stress and we teach you techniques you can use going forward.

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*Apart from any legal obligations we may have to report certain information to relevant govt  authorities e.g serious harm to self or others